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Salted MD5 Hash Password Cracker and Recovery Software

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Window 10 CompatibleMD5 Salted Hash Kracker is the free tool to crack and recover your lost password from the salted MD5 hash. It uses dictionary based cracking method which makes it simple and easier. By default small dictionary file is included but you can find good collection of password dictionaries (also called wordlist) on the internet. It also allow you to specify the salt position either in the beginning of password [ md5(salt+password)] or at the end of the password [md5(password+salt)]. In case you want to perform normal MD5 hash cracking then just leave the Salt field blank. Main Features Free tool to recover your Lost Password from Salted MD5 Hash Displays detailed statistics during Cracking operation Stop the password cracking operation any time. Easier and Quicker to use with GUI interface. Generate MD5 Hash Recovery report in HTML/XML/TEXT file. Includes Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation. MD5 Salted Hash Kracker works on both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8

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